LIGHTBO.LT – Open source Home security

This Open Source project is created to handle a private home security project. We write our own software and use cheap IOT devices.

LIGHTBO.LT is a home security infrastructure made of:

  1. A software backend running on a Raspberry/PC/server /Docker/Kubernetes (anything that can run Python code)
    On Github, go to /container to make your life easy to set-up the backend in a few clicks 😊
  2. Small electronic devices that will detect movements, based on IOT devices (Arduino and Wemos devices, with PIR detectors or radars)
  3. Arm/disarm console to arm or disarm your LIHTBO.LT setup, based on an IOT device with RFID reader (RFID can come from a badge or your smartphone)
  4. Visible and hearable devices in case of intrusion, like a revolving light or a vibrating horn
  5. Web based console, password protected, to arm or disarm your LIGHTBO.LT set-up
  6. Possible integration with your home automation system to on/off all the lights when an intrusion is detected (simple example)
    You’ll find in the code a Nike Homeserver integration that will switch on all your lights in case of an intrusion; you can easily change this code to do anything you like, actually 😁

Have a look at to catch the code immediately 🎁

The project is work in progress. Feel free to help! ✌

Use at your own risk. Any legal case has to be filed in Brussels, Belgium.