This Open Source project is created to handle a private home security project. We write our own software and use cheap IOT devices.

This website exists as webshop to sponsor the Open Source project LIGTHBO.LT. Have a look at https://github.com/BlockchainBrussels/LIGHTBO.LT

LIGHTBO.LT is a home security infrastructure made of:

  1. A software backend running on a Raspberry/PC/server (anything that can run Python code)
  2. Small electronic devices that will detect movements, based on IOT devices (Arduino and Wemos devices, with PIR detectors or radars to detect movements)
  3. Arm/disarm console to arm or disarm your LIHTBO.LT setup, based on an IOT device with RFID reader (RFID can come from a badge or your smartphone)
  4. Visible and hearable devices in case of intrusion, like a revolving light or a vibrating horn
  5. Web based console, password protected, to arm or disarm our LIGHTBO.LT
  6. Possible integration with your home automation system to on/off all the lights when an intrusion is detected (simple example)

The LIGTHBO.LT is available at https://github.com/BlockchainBrussels/LIGHTBO.LT, including all the code needed for the web based console and the IOT devices. Including diagrams and set-up instructions. 

The project is work in progress. Feel free to help! ;-)