How to be able to use the D1 Mini in your Arduino IDE?

By default, your Arduino IDE will not recognise the D1 mini from the LIGTHBO.LT webshop. But no hurry, it’s very easy to fix this 😉

Prepare your Arduino IDE to recognize a D1 mini board (ESP8266)

Open Arduino IDE and go File > Preferences:


In the Additional Boards Manager URLs, enter the URL


Press OK.

Go now to the Board Manager: Tools > Board > Board Manager. Search in the Board Manager for esp8266 and click on Install:

8aards Manager 
by ESP8266 Community version 2.7.4 
Boards included in this package: 
Generic ESPE2S6 Module, Generic ESP828S Module, ESPDuino (ESP•13 Module), Adafruit Feather HUZZAH ESP8266, Invent One, Xinagox CWOI, 
Espresso Lite 1.0, Espresso Lite 2.0, Phoenix 1.0, Phoenix 2.0, NodeMClJ 0.9 (ESP•12 Module), NodeMClJ 1.0 (ESP•12E Module), Olimex 
MOD.VVIF1.Espg266(.DEV), sparkFun Espg266 Thing, sparkFun Espg266 Thing Dev, sparkFun Blynk Board, sweetpea ESP.210, LOLIN(WEMOS) 
DI R2 & mini, LOLIN(VVEMOS) DI mini Pro, LOLIN(WEMOS) DI mini Lite, VVeMos DI RI, Espino (ESP.12 Module), ThaiEasyElees Espino, Wiflnfo, 
Arduino, Systems gen4 IOD Range, Digistump Oak, WiFiduino, Amperka WiFi Slot, Seeed WiO Link, ESPectro Core, Schirmilabs Eduino WiFi, 
Sonoff, DOLT ESP.Mx DevKit (ESPE2E5).

Specific settings needed in Arduino IDE to be able to use the D1 mini (ESP8266) board

You can now select the right board in Tools > Boards > ESP8266 Boards > LOLIN(Wemos) D1 R2 & mini. 

And additonally, change the Upload Speed (Tools > Upload Speed) to match 115200:

sketch_oct01a I Arduino 1.8.13 (Windows Store 
File Edit Sketch Tools Help 
sketch octo 
void setup ( ) 
// put yo 
void loop ( ) 
// put yo 
Auto Format 
Archive Sketch 
Fix Encoding & Reload 
Manage Libraries... 
Serial Monitor 
Serial Plotter 
WiFi101 /WiFiNlNA Firmware Updater 
Board: "LOLIN(WEMOS) DI R2 & mini" 
Upload Speed: "115200" 
CPU Frequency: "80 MHz" 
Flash Size: "4MB (FS:2MB OTA:-1019KB)" 
Debug port: "Disabled" 
Debug Level: "None" 
lwlP Variant: "v2 Lower Memory" 
VTables: "Flash" 
Exceptions: "Legacy (new can return nullptr)" 
Erase Flash: "Only Sketch" 
SSL Support: "All SSL ciphers (most compatible)" 
Get Board Info 
Burn Bootloader 

Your Arduino IDE is now ready to push some code!